Master of Your Domain

A virtual, 1-on-1 working session which lasts about 2 hours.

I will personally walk you through how to get a domain name from the best registrar, how to sign up at the best & fastest hosting platform, and how to install WordPress in a way that is supremely flexible and keeps the control in your hands.

This is a one-on-one working session offered by industry veteran Billy Tarter (oh hey that’s me).  Sign up below, this is a rare opportunity as my time is limited! Let’s do this.

In this session you WILL:

  • Register a domain name, and set up the technical details
  • Sign up for web hosting, and set up the technical details
  • Install a WordPress site on your new hosting account, and make some initial updates
  • Receive two hours of my condensed knowledge and expertise, saving you many weeks of research and headaches
  • Get it done the right way, and keep control in your hands

In this session you WILL NOT:

  • Learn to code HTML, that would take a lot more than two hours and it’s not necessary anyway
  • Learn to design websites, because WordPress themes will handle all this for you
  • Create a heavily-customized website, that’s not possible in two hours but I’ll give you the foundation and tools to get started
  • Be subjected to a surprise sales pitch, I hate that as much as you do.  No upsells, no offers, none of that.  Just awesome results. I don’t have anything to sell you anyway.
NOT connected in any way to that one TV show from the 90s.

What you WILL HAVE after the session:

  • Your own domain name
  • Your own hosting account
  • Your own functional website (a simple one, and I’ll show you how to update the way it looks and what it does)
  • email address
  • My ongoing support — if somehow you don’t achieve these things during the session itself, I’ll work with you afterward free-of-charge to get it done. And I’ll answer other questions you might have. My goal is to be helpful — that doesn’t end just because the session is over.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be very tech savvy?
You need to be able to check your email, browse the Web using multiple tabs, sign up for new accounts at websites, and make purchases online.  As long as you can do those things, you should be fine.  I’ll be gentle!

I already have a domain name, should I still do this?
That’s fine!  Yes, please book a session if you don’t have web hosting yet.  Some people already have a domain name they’ve purchased previously.  I’ll show you how to point your domain to the new hosting account you’ll sign up for during the session.

What if I already have a web hosting account and/or an existing website?
If you already have a web hosting account and you are ready for a better one, then please book a session and I’ll walk you through the sign up process.  I can show you how to migrate your website to the new web host.

What additional COST is involved?
During the session, you’ll be purchasing a domain for about $12 after tax, which includes free domain privacy.  You’ll also sign up for top-quality cloud web hosting for about $12 a month with no long-term contract. (This is actually lower than the regular renewal rates at Siteground and Bluehost, etc.)  That’s it!

What if I already have a web hosting account and I don’t want to sign up for a new one?
In that case I don’t think you’d get much from this session.  But if you change your mind about migrating to a new & better host, then go ahead and book some time with me.

I really want to sign up for XYZ Web Host instead.  Should I still sign up for the session?
No, if you’re dead set on signing up for one particular host, then this probably wouldn’t be helpful for you.  Let me know if you change your mind after trying out your preferred host (I think you will).

I’ve already got a domain, host, and website.  Will this session help me improve & modify my website?
That’s not really what this is about.  It’s really more about getting started.  Please see “In this session you WILL” section above.

I still have more questions.  Who can I contact?
Don’t overthink it too much — if you want to get started with a domain and/or web hosting and website, and you’ve read the information above and it seems like I could help you out, then I probably can!  Go ahead and sign up for a session with me.

Of course you’re always welcome to contact me directly at if you like, and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.