About Billy

Billy Tarter
Here’s my “professional headshot”. Ugh.

Hi, my name is Billy Tarter, and I’ve been building websites since the very beginning of the Web, and even a little bit earlier.

Let me explain.

In the early 90s, I built a bulletin board system (BBS) with my brother called Shadow Castle.  The internet wasn’t popular yet, so this was the absolute height of nerdy coolness at the time.  If you wanted to log into my BBS, you had to dial in via a landline phone using a very slow modem, and only one person could access it at a time.  Wild times.

Around 1996, I started a web design company with my wife called PageCraft.  Websites at that time were mostly flashy animated gifs and every color of the rainbow — in other words they were hideous.  I like to think our websites were nicer than that.

In the years since, I’ve built many dozens (hundreds?) of websites across all different genres, using many different platforms including Drupal, WordPress, and ClickFunnels.

Billy Tarter
Here I am, being human. Sort of.

I’ve also been fortunate to build an amazing and thrilling career in digital advertising and marketing, working at such companies as AdRelevance, WhitePages.com, Razorfish, Expedia, and Mixpo.  Now I lead an awesome team at my own marketing firm, which just happens to be the best lead generation agency for local home service businesses.

Along the way, I managed to survive in Indonesia for five years as an English teacher.  Ask me about that, if you’re interested!

As always, I’m here to help and I’m a real person (see photos for proof), so hit me up at if you need a hand.